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Obesity Stats. Did you know……

Did you know? A person who is assessed as being Clinically Obese (BMI – Body Mass Index of 30 and above) is:

This is not a scare tactic message, but rather, we feel, an important message to highlight the negative health implications we see every day associated with obesity. It may surprise you to know that many of the men and women who come to our clinics are unaware of the risks associated with obesity, and when informed are so grateful they could do something about it before their problems became irreversible.

If you wish to reverse the risks as mentioned above, the good news is something can be done. Losing weight and lowering your BMI (body mass index) to normal or lower levels, or with a 5-10% reduction in weight as a starting point will significantly reduce your likelihood of developing these potentially serious medical conditions, and significant weight loss can resolve many pre-existing conditions associated with obesity.

Of course there are also many, many psychological benefits in losing excess weight; people become more confident, feel less isolated, feel more attractive and feel more assertive as well as the obvious benefits associated with feeling healthy like a new wardrobe!


Counterweight and Counterweight Plus are two weight management programmes that have helped over 35,000 men, women and families in the UK and can help you too here in Northern Ireland exclusively at 121 Dietitian. Our team are highly skilled weight management Dietitians providing a unique evidence based programme. Counterweight = minimum 5-10% weight loss which most importantly stays off as you are taught how to enjoy foods and how to manage your diet, weight and health for life. And if you need to lose more weight, then you can safely do so, as you will know exactly how to do it safely for health.

We would love to help you too to lose weight for good so:

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