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Weight Management

Weight ManagementNew and exclusive to Northern Ireland, the 121 Dietitian team have the pleasure of being trained and licensed to deliver:

Weight ManagementCounterweight Northern Ireland provides evidence-based solutions for weight management. Counterweight, Counterweight Plus and Counterweight families are delivered by our network of private Dietitians and in leading private clinics.

Through our network, Counterweight provides access to evidence based weight management programmes in the counties of Northern Ireland and to companies throughout Northern Ireland.

Counterweight research began in 2000 involving collaboration between seven UK Universities. The Robert Gordon University operated and developed the programme for over 12 years and the research led to the refinement and delivery of the programmes in the National Health Service in Scotland and England.

The Counterweight Programme:

One to One Session

Group Session

Counterweight Plus:

Counterweight Families:

121 Dietitian Weight loss for Life Programme – our 4 month intensive package

This package involves:

This 4 month intensive package: £350


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