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Top health tips for 2019

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At 121 Dietitian, we firmly believe that small steps can always be taken to greatly improve our health. Looking at the key areas of mental health, kids’ health and weight loss, here we share our top health tips for 2019…. Mental health If you want instant improvements a few simple suggestions include: Stay well hydrated: ..read more…

Do you value your body?

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Life, from the very first gasp to the last laboured breath we take, is finite. Once born we are set on a life trajectory which varies greatly from person to person. A multitude of factors shape our lives from our parents to our location of birth, wealth, poverty, friends, education, health care…. Living in the ..read more…

SYNDROME X – What is it and are you at risk?

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It’s estimated that 25% of the world’s population has “Syndrome X.” Sounds like a spy code and sadly it can be as deadly if not dealt with, as Syndrome X is the underlying factor for a whole lot of common health problems we see every day at our clinic. In a nutshell, Syndrome X is ..read more…

Make October The Month Of Your New Year Resolution

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When it comes to diet and lifestyle changes, there is now better time than right NOW to put your well intended plans in place. If you still haven’t made progress with your New Year Resolution, you’re not alone. A client came to me for help with her New Year’s resolutions IN AUGUST! She was disappointed ..read more…


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Here, Gillian Killiner, Principal Dietitian at 121, discusses the Low Fodmap Programme and in particular, why seeking the help of a qualified and experienced Dietitian is key to implementing it successfully. The Low Fodmap Programme has been around for over 10 years. I heard about it in its infancy and thought: “Wow! This is excellent ..read more…