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How We Work

How 121 Dietitian Works121 Dietitian appreciates that we all have great intentions when it comes to nutrition and our health, but being able to commit to changes for the long term can require specialist support.

The support and advice at 121 Dietitian is not only for those with weight issues but may be for those struggling with long term illness eg unexplained fatigue, low mood, or gastrointestinal/ inflammatory issues.

Most people hear the term ‘Dietitian’ and think of weight loss & lettuce leaves… boring!!! We are delighted to let you know that we at 121 Dietitian are fun, friendly experts in nutrition and its cornerstone to medicine and health. We are at the forefront of new knowledge and research, keeping abreast of new skills, one area in particular is nutrigenomics, which means you will receive the most up to date and bespoke advice.

How 121 Dietitian Works

Did you know you can book to see a Dietitian without a referral from your GP or consultant? This is invaluable for those patients who are on long waiting lists and/or private fees for scans and scopes are expensive and may not be required at this stage or at all.

Did you also know that many of the patients we see have paid for expensive scopes and tests with no diagnosis at the end of this. Reassuring that nothing sinister is needing treatment yes, but this does not fix the miserable ongoing symptoms. The majority have functional digestive issue that can be treated best by diet and not as successful with medication. Fortunately due to our nutritional/medical knowledge and expertise if we assess you and suspect you need medical intervention we can direct you to the right person for the right tests.

If none of the above applies to you then you may be in the “Check up and Change” camp!

For you an existing diet or health problem is not required, you may just want a ‘Diet MOT’, or a diet assessment for piece of mind that you are eating the right choices for your long term health. We are firm believers in: ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Whatever your reasons for you wishing to have your diet assessed we can help, and if not you, then why not think about it for a loved one or friend as a gift.

Our job in a ‘nut shell’

Evidence based medical advice is translated by the 121 Dietetic team into easy to follow detailed tailor-made dietary programme’s, our package options indicate fees in which you would be expecting to pay for a standard dietary concern. Additional dietary and medical issues may require further input and prices may vary to reflect the expertise spent ensuring your programme is specific to you.

This is the only private dietetic service of its kind in Northern Ireland due to the level of details analysed and advice provided, we treat the whole person not just individual symptoms. Our main Clinic is based in Stormont, East Belfast.

The 121 process

The graphic below outlines the stages to a 121 Dietitian consultation.

How 121 Dietitian Works

Join our team

121 Dieitian is made up of a diverse and passionate group of specialist Dietitians. (PEN registered)

We are always keen to increase this diversity – If you are a RD MBDA HPC Dietitian and keen to work with our team in the UK,  just click here to register your interest.

In line with our patient confidentiality agreement, we unfortunately do not accept students for work experience.








Packages are a set fee as indicated and agreed at your initial appointment – non attendance or cancellation – hourly rate applies.