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Here are a few of the many personal and corporate testimonials we have received. If you would like to see more, please get in touch.

Personal testimonials

Patricia Haren

Having suffered for many years with stomach problems such as acid reflux and IBS, I found the support and programme provided by Gillian to be very useful and has helped me enormously with the issues I was dealing with. Her professional and knowledgeable approach was great and the reports provided to me including information on supplements and diet changes greatly helped me to improve my symptoms and therefore my health in general.

Louise Gault

I had struggled with gut problems/issues for years, if not my whole life. I was gaining weight even when on a strict diet and exercising regularly, I was tired all the time I was bloated and feeling generally below par. However, given this had gone on years I felt this was my ‘normal’. I met Gillian at a health and wellbeing event and thought I had nothing to lose by getting in contact and discussing how she might be able to help. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From my first consultation Gillian talked through my issues/complaints/symptoms, my life style my personal and medical history and for the first time I felt that someone was taking me seriously and possibly had a solution to help. Gillian recommended the FODMAP plan for me. I had heard of it and tried it previously and really struggled to get my head around the detail but this time, with the support of Gillian I completed the elimination phase and now mid-way through re-introduction. Gillian made everything seem so straightforward and her advice and recipes where so helpful it almost made this easy. Don’t get me wrong it was challenging but with the recipes and guidance I managed to easily adopt this plan into my way of life and the 8 weeks went really well and I felt the benefits within days. I was anxious about the reintroduction phase given I had such a positive response to the elimination but again Gillian was so helpful in her advice that a week at a time I am working my way through it. I cannot recommend Gillian highly enough for her help, support and guidance. I have never felt better in myself. Friends and family comment on how well I look, how much my complexion, hair and shape have changed so much (for the better). Thanks Gillian, this has been life changing for me!

L. Whitten

Following a surprise diagnosis, 121dietitian was recommended to me by a friend as they thought some dietary advice could be helpful and they were so right! From the first appointment to our final contact, Gillian’s insight and advice has been wonderful – the guidance provided was highly informative as well as being tailored to my personal circumstance. I now feel more equipped to eat a balanced diet that ensures I am getting all the energy and the nutrients I need to live a full and happy life. Throughout the process Gillian’s pleasant and receptive manner made it really easy to share the issues I was facing and discuss any questions or concerns.

In sum, my experience of 121dietitian was excellent and I would recommend the service to anyone in need of dietary advice.

Joyce Warden

121 Dietitian provided me with so much encouragement, advice and support. I have followed Gillian’s recommendations and feel so much more confident in myself. I am delighted that my appetite has returned, my energy levels have improved and I have put on weight.
I will continue to follow Gillian’s advice and I would not hesitate to consult 121 Dietitian in the future should I have any concerns. I wish I had found them sooner.

James Burnett from South Belfast

I found Gillian’s help at 121 Dietitian to be invaluable. In March ’17, I had to change my diet to
a FODMAPs diet under guidance from my specialist doctor, and Gillian’s programme over
the past 6 weeks has been utterly transformative. I unreservedly recommend
this approach, and Gillian, to anyone in similar circumstances. My overall health and
fitness as an amateur athlete have greatly improved. First competition of the year (triathlon)
coming up in June. 10 out of 10!!!” Thanks.

Pat Wainwright:

“So thrilled to have made the decision to visit 121 Dietitian for a preliminary appointment. The fact that there is a no obligation assessment was really excellent, it allowed me to think about my diet and health without being pressurized to embark on a programme like I have had elsewhere. It also allowed me to meet with Gillian whom is a so understanding and caring. I felt she knew exactly what I needed and I could trust her so I went ahead with the recommended programme. This I can honestly say was a major milestone in my life, amazing. The changes Gillian created for me were easy but so detailed that my health has gone from low mood, poor outlook, foggy thinking, poor sleep, resistant weight I couldn’t shift, to a big jump out from bed after a great sleep,  fully engaged in my work and family and more energy than ever, I am changing fat to muscle and I can’t be more happy – Gillian’s work is like a jigsaw puzzle and she takes all areas of life, diet and health and creates a masterpiece! Many thanks over and over”


R. Calvert:

“After a long period suffering with symptoms of IBS, I contacted Gillian at 121 Dietitian. From the first consultation she immediately put me at ease and I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. It was decided that I go onto the low FODMAP plan for 8 weeks, after which I would start to reintroduce various foods again. It has been a few months since my last consultation with Gillian and my IBS symptoms have significantly improved and I am feeling much better. I would be very happy to recommend Gillian at 121 Dietitian to anyone.”

J. Donnelly:

“I’m very happy with the service provided by your company and would recommend you to anyone.  I felt at ease when talking to you and was pleased with the plan that prepared for me.  Thank you for such a professional, yet flexible, and understanding approach.”


“When I first met Gillian at 121 dietitian I was being forced to live on an almost a totally liquid or pureed diet due to IBS. My food choices were incredibly limited and eating out was almost impossible. I had tried every medication that my GP could prescribe and was at my wits at with the severity of the painful bloating. Gillian not only listened to my symptoms and took an interest in my general health but also took an interest in my general well being. Shortly after we began the FODMAPS diet which has not only been a huge success for me in terms of symptom management, but has also has given me a better knowledge of my own body and a better concept of a ‘healthy diet’. Gillian is empathetic and very knowledgeable. She took into account a range of other health issues I had including hypothyroidism. Following her advice on my general health, I was able to measure how I felt on a day to day basis. I’m 2 months into the FODMAPS diet and my symptoms have dramatically reduced. I would highly recommend Gillian and121 Dietitian to people with all ranges of gastrointestinal issues, thyroid issues or anyone looking for general dietary advice.

J. Gilchrist:

Prior to working with Gillian I had been suffering with daily abdominal cramps and chronic constipation. I was also having difficulty sleeping over a period of months. I have a fairly stressful job and also weight train regularly and these symptoms were impacting on my work, ability to train and my quality of life generally. The cumulative effect of the various issues was becoming difficult to cope with.

At the first consultation Gillian explained the Fodmap diet very professionally and clearly and suggested that I give that a try alongside supplements. I noticed improvements to my symptoms after about a week. Its been 8 weeks since I started the diet and I no longer have any abdominal cramps, the constipation and sleep issues are also much improved.

Overall Gillian has been very friendly, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and extremely helpful. I’m grateful for all of the advice and support – thank you. I was at a bit of a loss with the various symptoms before I came to see Gillian who has provided excellent advice that has worked, follow up support with queries and advice on managing the diet going forward.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gillian to anyone suffering from gastrointestinal issues or seeking general advice in relation to diet and a healthier lifestyle. I’d happily go back to Gillian for help with any such issues in the future.

S. Jackson:

“You get what you pay for” is really relevant when it comes to 121 Dietitian. I was recommended to see Gillian by several contacts but resisted and thought that I could get advice cheaper elsewhere. I spent 12 months seeking advice from cheaper options and the internet. However I did not get my Gut and fatigue symptoms resolved and so I bit the bullet and booked to see her. I was ambivalent but I needed help. I am now so cross with myself that I suffered for the previous 12 months of misery – Gillian is top, and her detective work and extensive knowledge had my symptoms under control in 2 weeks and completely sorted by the 2nd and final appointment 8 weeks later. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper options elsewhere, they have you  returning and returning so the moneys the same with no improvement at the end. Gillian wrote me a detailed and personalised plan advising on all areas of my health. I feel better than ever and can’t thank Gillian and her team enough.

U. Rose: 

“I recently attended the 121 Clinic to see Gillian Killiner. I learned that I had IBS 3 years ago and although it was liveable, it was beginning to have more control over me than I did over it. Gillian was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about my condition but most of all she treated it as a serious health problem, and was empathetic about how it can control your life. Many doctors I had seen in the past about IBS are very quick to brush the side effects and how limiting it can be under the rug. They offered limited information or help in general. Gillian was available by email through-out my whole 12 week FODMAP process, and was able to answer any queries I had along the way. Second to this I have an underactive thyroid (Hashimoto’s) and again Gillian was able to offer specific nutritional guidance in this area also.  All in all my experience with 121 Clinic and Gillian Killiner were extremely positive and I would highly recommend her courses of treatment.”

Kathryn, 33:

“I have struggled with eating issues for around 9 years, progressively getting worse. I got myself into a constant cycle of starving for 6 months where I would strive so hard to be thin and have the perfect body through eating very little and exercising so much that I ended up at 6 stone then I ultimately couldn’t sustain this and ate everything in sight putting all the weight back on (and often more) and causing myself massive physical and emotional pain. I would then reach a point where I would start the starvation again and so the cycle continued.

I had previously seen a counsellor to try to get to the route of the problem and also another dietitian but both to no avail. When I met Gillian I was the majority way through a “binge phase” eating chocolate, crisps, chips, burgers, pizza, scones, anything that was going. She taught me what was the correct amount of food to eat for my height / weight / exercise levels and introduced me to good and bad foods. Previously I had been eating white bread, white pasta, white rice etc and lots of diet alternatives such as Snackajacks etc. Gillian taught me the importance of eating whole foods and I have completely transformed my diet. I now weigh the weight I want to be and feel happy looking at my body and most importantly of all – I’m not starving myself to do so. This is a long term commitment to eating properly and I will forever be grateful for Gillian’s advice to get me to this place.

On a personal note, Gillian clearly cares for her patients as she took time out to assist me when I was having bad days at the start with advice over and above what she was ever expected to do.

I would thoroughly recommend Gillian and her programmes for anyone who wishes to learn more about nutrition, weight control and general good health.  Thank you Gillian.”

John Niven: 

“Dear Gillian, I’ve had IBS for twenty years and up until the past year had managed it by avoiding certain foods. However, I was becoming increasingly concerned about how narrow my diet was. It came to a head when I had surgery for bowel cancer resulting in me having a permanent stoma and bag. The IBS made the bag unworkable through foul smelling flatulence and other symptoms and I had no pleasure in everyday life. Since I found 121 and commenced the low FODMAP diet all that has changed, my IBS symptoms have settled, I’m eating a much wider range of food and enjoying it, I’m more relaxed and confident, able to go out and about without worry. Your calm and friendly manner inspired confidence straightaway and your knowledge of IBS and FODMAPs is comprehensive and very reassuring. Thank you!”

Marie Matthews:

“Sick for 15 years I did plenty of online research and found what I thought to be my culprit: Leaky gut – I self diagnosed but could not string together ALL the pieces to make myself feel better. I heard about 121 Dietitian and decided to book for a programme. I had a detailed 1 hour consultation where Gillian unturned so many different possibilities to treat. I felt like a weight had been lifted off me and someone actually understood my debilitating symptoms. I received, via email, my personalised information and plan. I went and got the blood tests recommended and improvements within 2 weeks were significant. I continue to improve at all health levels and after my 8 week review I now know it will take 6 months or more to get back to full strength. I can’t believe I have spent 15 years struggling and in 6 months I am a different person. Gillian treats the full person and so she is unique in her field. I am so glad my sceptical self did not stop me booking that initial appointment.”

Cathy Gilligan:   

“I was recently diagnosed as a coeliac and had to make major changes to my diet.  It was a daunting exercise.  My consultant recommended Gillian at 121 Dietitian and I am so glad he did!!  Her professional manner and as well as comprehensive knowledge applied in a focussed way to my situation made a major impact in my recovery and general well-being ….I followed her detailed recommendations and found it made a BIG difference to my health. Six months later, I have not looked back and can really recommend Gillian services to anyone…I was in fact surprised how beneficial it has been to have used her services.”

Jenny Michael:

“I have been ill for many years and have been to several medical practitioners, alternative therapists and paid a lot of money for tests and lost many good years of health in the process. A friend had been to see Gillian in 2014 and had nothing but good results from her experience. Although very sceptical I made contact with 121 Dietitian as I was at rock bottom; fatigue, resistant weight, poor sleep, thinning hair, gastrointestinal discomfort and more. From that moment, and throughout the programme of care I received, I can only say I really wish I had been through her office door years ago. Gillian is a diet and health detective and does not let any stone go unturned. She treated me as a whole person not just my individual symptoms. I didn’t even realise I had additional symptoms until she went through a extremely comprehensive exam! I have now within six months recovered my Gut function, I have my energy levels back, I have found out I have a treatable auto-immune issue, I was nutritionally depleted from the incorrect advice from following years of non-sense multiple allergy restrictions. Results: I am now not walking around in concrete, crying and feeling low. I have embarked on the Counterweight weight management programme and it is the most wonderful feeling being in control again and not my symptoms controlling me. Thank you are special words but they are not enough of how I feel right now!”

Adam Pickering:

“I live in Portugal and since moving here 12 years ago from the UK I have been troubled with ongoing significant tummy/bowel symptoms. I thought it was due to the relocation, but Gillian cleverly identified several other areas that could have been additional route causes; appendix removal, antibiotics, stress etc. Living abroad it is difficult to know who to visit so when I heard about the 121 Dietitian service and how I could access Gillian on line I made contact. From completing the forms and speaking via Skype, I have found the programme experience fantastic. Additional information was sent via email along with literature via post and with all the support I have really got my GI health back to normal.  I thank Gillian sincerely and highly recommend the online service available”.

Morna Murphy:

“As Northern Ireland’s only specially trained FODMAP dietitian, Gillian made a complicated diet easy to follow. Her thorough consultations and ability to answer questions via e-mail was invaluable as I came to grips with the diet, and I am delighted to say really does work”

T. Robb:

“As a man in his mid-50’s who finally realised that diet books bought from the Internet were not the solution to weight loss, a throwaway remark on the radio prompted an internet search which revealed 121 Dietitian to be exactly what I was looking for.

The 121 approach of this clinic proved to be exactly the bespoke solution to weight loss but crucially included an education in my relationship with food and eating. So much so that I can confidently attest that if you think you know about food and what you eat, but have never consulted a Specialist Dietitian, then I am afraid you know nothing.

In the four month course I chose, I was astonished at how little I knew about food, what I ate and how and when I ate it, plus why I was losing no weight while cycling a high number of miles per month.

A 121 dedicated Dietitian, through a series of review meetings every four weeks and email communications, was able to completely re-evaluate and re-direct my relationship with the food I ate and how I exercised. The result being that I lost weight steadily, but crucially altered my Body Mass Index, Fat % and Water % all in the correct direction, and totally without any pain or hunger.

The advice passed to me in the shape of many varied, delicious recipes has been incredibly beneficial to my health, stamina and outlook on life; I have never eaten so well and loved food so much. And because of my new love for the correct foods to eat, I know this will stay with me for life, simply because I can see the results every day and it tastes so good!”

Darren Pinkerton (Dentist): 

“Hi Gillian, Just had to write and let you know that your advice has been excellent. I have had ongoing discomfort now for four years post surgery and pelvic radiotherapy. There has been confusion as to whether this discomfort is due to ongoing reaction from the bowel to foods or nerve damage and so on. It has been great to get expert opinion and eating advice to cancel my worries about any ongoing issues I have with my remaining bowel. Thanks again.”

Bruce Hogg (Managing Director, PCW New Media Ltd): 

“Gillian is an outstanding dietitian. Her diagnosis, support, expertise and detailed reports are all carried out with the proficiency of a true professional at work. My life has been changed significantly through her help around my dietary needs as a Coeliac.  Thanks Gillian.”

D N Blair:

“After many frustrating years of ‘tolerating’ several unpleasant symptoms I assumed I was stuck with due to a bowel resection (2006), my endevour was to find options to correct my lack of control over my body.

It wasn’t long after finding the website for 121 Dietitian that I got in touch and set up an appointment. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and didn’t have huge expectations due to previous experiences with dietitians. Warmth and professionalism are two adjectives that are rarely paired together, yet Gillian brings them together magnificently.

In regards to being a specialist Gillian is most resourceful and very friendly which made my initial appointment a pleasure and my second appointment something I looked forward to. The advice and support she had given has made a world of difference to my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Truly her service and bedside manner is worth every penny and anybody who deals with her will discover that the praise she deserves is not just my opinion, but more so a fact.”

Declan Mulholland:

“As a racing cyclist, power to weight ratio determines my ability to win events. In order to improve my cycling efficiency and loose weight while maintaining lean muscle I worked with 121 Dietitian to reach optimum weight for my events. Gillian provided me with concise, accurate and practical advise enabling me to represent my country at Youth Olympic level and become a multiple National Cycling Champion.”

Jeff Currie:

“Hi Gillian, a quick update to let you know that I’m really well and making continual improvement in all areas of sleep, diet, weight, mental health and fitness. I’ll keep it quick but I’ve noticed now after a few months since your advice that I actually have control now back over my body n how I feel, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. Ie I can now feel the physical effects of eating the wrong thing coming on, and the difference between how I was before it. Previously it was one big blur, like a rollercoaster of uncertainty. I’ve also been able to pin point now what foods are actually causing me triggers and doing my best to eliminate them, now consciously aware of the effect they will have. The only way I can describe it is I feel like I’m able to control what affects my body, and when I’m disciplined I feel literally cleaned n refreshed.
I feel strangely energetic too, for the most part, and have noticed myself actually wanting to exercise rather than my body feeling drained n exhausted. For example this week alone I played 18 holes of golf, a 40 min jog yesterday and a 30min swim today, and don’t feel like I’m getting sick from doing it. Previously I would have cold/flu symptoms from that much exercise.
Plus I’m working 40 hour weeks, and playing a few gigs in local pubs usually once a week. This time last year that was only really a dream because of how physically sick I felt. I’m not saying every day is perfect, cause obvs some days are bad due to lack of sleep, eating a pizza, maybe drank a few too many beers, but overall I can say that I am about 90% better than before. I was 82kg n I’m now 74kg, still toning up week to week. Know it’s not an overnight progress but I’m committed to having ownership over my life again. Thank you again for all your help, guidance and expertise, you have truly helped get my life back.”

Irene Acheson:

“I found the benefit of keeping a food diary for a week as it highlighted the problem foods and due to an In depth investigation of this diary by Gillian, she was able to advise me on which foods I ought to eliminate from my diet. She advised me about FODMAPs and even provided recipes suitable for a gluten free diet. After almost a year of pain and discomfort during which I stuck as strictly as I could to a gluten free diet it was wonderful to feel such immediate benefits of withdrawing a limited number of foods.

After a second consultation. I was able to reintroduce certain foods and thankfully I continue to feel great. I wouldn’t have believed the benefits of consulting a dietitian. I know that I was fortunate to have been recommended Gillian who knew what she was talking about and looked holistically at the individual. I am now pain free, have more energy and am able to enjoy life again thanks to the help given to me by Gillian.”

Neil Burnside (Engineer):

“Gillian @ 121 Dietitian : Great Results, Expert in her field, Creative”

J.H. – IBS Sufferer:

“I had suffered with digestive problems for about 7 months and had consulted with 4 different Doctors during that period, without success, when I decided to look on the internet for a Dietitian and found 121 Dietitian – Gillian Killiner.

I was impressed by the professional looking and informative web site and by the level of Gillian’s training and experience. After a Consultation with Gillian I started on the Low FODMAPS Diet which she recommended and I followed it for 8 weeks. It took a few weeks for me to commit fully to the diet and to stick to it. By week 3 my symptoms had vastly improved and continued to diminish as I maintained the diet and advice provided by Gillian. Being on the FODMAP Diet tackles the underlying problem at its source, instead of just masking the symptoms. Whilst the diet is still a work in progress for me, I am delighted with the results so far and finally feel optimistic about being problem-free in the near future”, The support and advice has allowed me to relax and enjoy life again”.

Mary Ward, parent of Darragh, Downpatrick:

“Gillian conversed with me via email prior to our appointment  regarding my 23 month old child who has had ongoing bowel problems from birth. This personal contact made the process easier and built a relationship of trust, I felt Gillian totally understood what was going on.  At the consultation, I felt our concerns were listened to and that I was gaining the help and advice I wanted regarding my son bowel problems. Her clinic is a welcoming, professional environment. Gillian was so helpful and the outcome has been a great success in correcting the problem.

I would happily recommend this service to anyone who has children with dietary problems”.

Ursula and Caitriona McGloin:

Caitriona is loving the food and her performances have rocketed, her training is now at a consistently high level due to her high energy levels and overall health issues with IBS have reduced drastically. As a mum I am so happy and relieved she is eating so well and so much whilst all the time fueling her body for optimum sports performance. Oh and shopping bills actually slightly cheaper. Caitriona said- ‘from starting this diet i felt an immediate change for the better, I no longer felt my energy levels in school dipping but i now have consistent energy levels and i am actually able to focus more! In my training I feel it has been so helpful in my performance, I no longer worry how hard or well I can train! Also, the diet is straight forward and I easily adapted to it, I enjoyed all of the recipes given and I am not confused any more about my energy and food needs! Its so simple to follow and bring into your life, even my mum and dad have followed some of my meals!’

We really felt you provided and excellent and thorough service we are so glad we did it. We both learn’t a lot. I feel Caitriona can and will maintain this diet plan. Many thanks

Rebecca Dempsey (Pharmacist):

★★★★★ I followed the Low FODMAP for IBS Programme with Gillian. The programme itself is thorough and is accompanied with great support from Gillian whenever needed. Gillian responded to all my queries in a very fast and patient manner. I had a 95% reduction in IBS symptoms and have never felt better and I’m now beginning to reintroduce high FODMAPs to see my problem foods. In addition to a significant improvement in my IBS, my diet is now much healthier and I am feeling much happier. I highly recommend this programme for IBS sufferers, especially those like myself who had countless unproductive visits to the GP. 5 star programme!

 J. Kerr:

‘I am a 46 year old teacher who has been recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  Since my diagnosis, I had been avoiding lots of foods which I knew caused me problems.  My diet had become very restricted and I lost a lot of weight. Gillian was recommended to me by my Hospital Consultant, who told me that the symptoms I was experiencing were not due to the Crohn’s, but due to IBS, which is common among Crohn’s sufferers.

I met Gillian in August 2012 and she explained what FODMAPS were and how they contributed to my symptoms.  She gave me a personalised diet and foods to avoid, but more importantly, she provided detailed advice and  foods choices which I could eat again.  From then, my diet improved greatly and my symptoms improved hugely.  I began to feel more like me again.   My recent consultation with Gillian was for re-introducing some of the foods which I eliminated, again  I found Gillian to be extremely professional and knowledgeable.  My husband are both very grateful for the help that she has given me and I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian to others.’

Health and Well-being in the work place:

121 Dietitian Katie ran two very successful workshops that our members found informative, accessible and very enjoyable. Katie is a real asset to your organisation and we would not hesitate to use your services again.

Vanessa Philips. Royal National Institute for the Blind 

We are a company who for several years has actively promoted health and well-being in the workplace. Annually we invite specialist companies to inspire and educate our staff. Gillian Killiner from 121 Dietitian, was invited to provide a nutritional workshop and mini-nutritional consultations to our staff as part of our 2014 health and well-being week. The buzz after these sessions was fantastic and I can safely say that she has been one of the most inspirational and informative educators to date. Her nutritional knowledge is impressive and her fun and easy listening presentation was engaging and fresh. Gillian not only covers the nutritional angle with expertise but also addressed lifestyles, fitness, and medical health. A well-being holistic health coach would be a more accurate title for her! Thanks Gillian and we look forward to working with you again.

J. Dodds G&E Energy 

“Thanks to Gillian, I have now improved my diet, I found the nutrition appointment to be very informative and enlightening. The recording of my four day diet plan prior to the appointment, really highlighted the changes I needed to make to my diet, Gillian also gave me some new quick & simple recipes which I have now introduced into my diet. Thanks again.”

Michelle O’Hare, Grant Thornton UK LLP

The ‘121 Dietitian team’ came to our workplace and provided a light-hearted, enjoyable ‘visual and colourful’ workshop. The expert personal assessment provided the workforce with plenty of positive chat, and changes in the canteen have been spot on and welcomed. We would like to thank you all for an excellent day and for the attention to detail and specialist service you provide.

Ikea – (staff member) attended mini consultations 

“After the 20 minute appointment I found the information provided very useful, confirming things for me rather than changing my thoughts or revolutionising my diet. I found Gillian to be very knowledgeable and I had confidence in what she was saying.  Since my consultation I have made small changes but these have had a real impact on me.  I now have more energy and feel more healthy in general”

Allen & Overy (staff member) attended min consultation 

“Having managed a demanding and complex project for us in Northern Ireland I cannot speak more highly of Gillian and her professional delivery of the service. Gillian is an excellent team manager delivering a high quality service and maintaining a highly motivated team throughout the three month project. I would have no hesitation recommending Gillian and I hope to work with her again in the future if the opportunity arises.”  2012

Janet Lance  (Project Manager – British Heart Foundation – Healthy Heart Roadshow 2012)

IBS Teenager

Kirstin, with whom you had an appointment and internet contact, had no further symptoms of severe stomach pain after the Low Fodmap diet which you advised her on. She completed 8 weeks on this. We are now 3 months further on and I still can’t quite believe it, after 13 months of severe and frequent pain and excessive wind.  Thank you so much for giving her the advice on the diet and I sincerely believe this made the difference; we now know the reasons behind IBS and how some bacteria in her gut, or system was fermenting, which were causing this problem, and the Fodmap diet eliminated this; I can find no other explanation! It was definitely not stress as the consultant insisted, nor was it heli-cobacter, nor coeliac, all had tested negative. My thanks for your help and I hope this testimony will be useful for some other sufferers. Gratefully yours  Hilary Duncan.


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