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A New Week..

Work, shop and clean seems to be the routine I tackle daily, cooking however is creative, uplifting and relaxing, only if all afore mentioned tasks are in place!

Today, no matter how hard I tried not to, I had to tackle the house mess from the weekend. 3 mad ‘arts and crafts’ nuts live in my house and the mess seems to pile up as quickly as I am throwing it out for recycling!

Not alone this mess, the amount of crumbs trailed around was enough to beat the loaves and fishes story, you know the one!

Now all are in bed filled with trytophan rich foods for a long and peaceful nights sleep!

Lucky, my friends say, when I report my kids eat anything, and yes this is true, but it did take time, energy and frustration from the beginning to create those well tuned palates they all possess today.

Tonight we had a lovely homemade fish pie, to make it more healthy and tasty instead off adding fats like butters and cheese, I added 2 tablespoons of pesto to the sauce, try it, it is yum!

For dessert yoghurt in any shape or form is welcome, freeze it, mix flavours and plain, its so versatile! Now off to think off what to get for packed lunches tomorrow. I just dont want any more mess to clean!

Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.