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Nutrition in the Workplace

In the UK, the average employer loses 6 days and £692 per employee annually due to sickness, absenteeism and reduced productivity costing companies £30 billion per annum (2016) 13.8 million working days are lost through poor diet in relation to absenteeism

Are you committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for your staff?  To benefit you and your business; Optimal Nutrition is vital.

Enhance the energy levels of your staff and the collective performance of your business by allowing 121 dietitian to provide nutritional assessments and evidence based advice and support to your staff.  (Our testimonials)

The 121 way

Gillian and her team have developed corporate nutritional programmes to assist business’ across Northern Ireland. (Clients and Projects)

We have an excellent feedback from programmes including: mood and food, eating for health, stress management, improving presenteeism and our new Counterweight in the workplace; a unique weight management programme that has helped over 35,000 people in the UK keep weight off for good, we also provide advice for the sports industry.

Our advice can be as simple as an enjoyable workshop session, or as 121 consultations on a variety of issues ranging from stress, increasing sustainable energy for productivity or specific nutritional problems that negatively impacts on staffs ability to work: Weight loss, Heart and Lipids, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Coeliac, Sports nutrition education.

2017 are you Work Ready ?

Excellent news – 121 Dietitian Gillian Killiner has completed further corporate nutritional training and has now become an accredited BDA Work Ready Dietitian.

What does this mean?

The BDA Work Ready Programme offers bespoke nutritional and wellness services tailored to employers’ needs. A ‘pick and mix approach’ affords businesses the opportunity to choose the level of support that they need as required. Whether it is a full Work Ready Programme or elements of the programme to be combined with existing services, employers can be assured that they are receiving a quality-assured service, soundly based in scientific research and principles, provided by dietitians, specifically trained in workplace nutrition.

The process of selecting the correct service for your company.

The process of selecting the correct service for your company.

Employers : some further evidence.

Firstbeat Technology

121 Dietitian has collaborated with support 2 perform (human performance specialists) to provide Firstbeat lifestyle assessments for business who want to go that step further.

For us Firstbeat is an exciting technology we are involved with and hope you will join us. The  cutting edge technology helps people understand more about stress, coping, sleep, recovery and exercise and how this influences both organisations and individuals who are aiming for health, performance and well being. This video shows how much we take for granted and how using 5 days of wearable technology changes lives and companies.

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Please email: Gillian Killiner info@121dietitian.com to discuss a nutritional and price package to suit your companies needs.




*Presentation are bespoke – preparation time will be required and included in the quote. If in the unfortunate event a presentation is cancelled without sufficient notice a fee will be charged to cover this cost. This will be deducted when the presentation is rescheduled.

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