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Fathers day – more food!

The weekend is almost over and in our house it has been made extra special by the hot sunny weather. We have enjoyed eating alfresco, breakfast, lunch and supper; with the humour of being on holidays and ‘when’s the flight home’?

Now for many today, like ourselves, we were caught up in Fathers Day. Our 3 kids were up early scurrying around putting finishing touches to the envelopes off cards and gifts!

Hubby lay on in bed for the honorary grapefruit, but I drew the line at croissants, these were to stay firmly in the kitchen area! I hate crumbs especially in bed, yuk!

After breakfast came what seem like minutes later, snack time. Huh I had just cleared the breakfast. Out came the bits and pieces again and the noise of chewing and slurping was priceless; apple, strawberries and blueberries.

Off we went on a cycle our first long bike trip, 9 miles in total, obviously interrupted by a packed ‘picnic’ just in case our blood sugars should drop ever so slightly! This was light as I was carrying the bag! Bananas, oatcakes, World Cup crisps and water.

Home and you guessed it, before I could walk to the fridge the chorus off, “I’m hungry” rang out.

Lucky I was fully prepared and out came a rainbow off colours to be piled up high and rolled into wraps. King prawns, homemade guacamole, salad, tomatoes, peppers, etc….

2 wraps each later and large eyes were still able for the home-made Victoria sponge cake! Friends and family often comment on the fact that my kids appear bottomless pits, now my food bill makes me think I am harvesting a family of tapeworms!

Luckily lunch did the trick, and eggy bread was all they could manage before rolling into bed!

Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.