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IBS – A patient’s perspective

1 year on since we commenced the IBS Low FODMAP advice clinic we thought we would celebrate with some good news…

This lovely lady attended clinic, miserable, frustrated and exhausted. Her IBS symptoms were severe, affecting her family, her work, going out… It had truly taken over and ruled their lives. She was worried that her symptoms meant something more sinister and really was in need of help and support. After Nutritional assessment and dietary analysis she commenced a personalised FODMAP elimination dietary programme designed by Gillian Killiner @ 121 Dietitian.

Dear Gillian

I am pleased to report all is going well from the IBS side of things. I appear to have it well under control from a diet point of view – I am eating well, sleeping well and bar the occasional flare up have stomach and bowels well under control. I had my scope back in June and the Consultant who did the procedure was happy that all was looking well. I wasn’t in any rush to see them as I was continuing to increase my intake of wheat and gluten without any difficulties.

Gillian – I continue to steer completely clear of onions and garlic. I allow myself milk in tea and coffee but otherwise continue to enjoy the lacto free milk. Yes my diet is restricted but is healthy and varied and I am very happy with what I am eating. You have got me enjoying porridge – which is nothing short of a miracle. My Scottish father is delighted!!!

Gillian I cannot thank you enough for all your advice – I continue to discuss the FODMAPS approach and your in-depth knowledge with other professional staff whenever I can……

A new beginning for this lady and for many more of our clients this year.

If you suffer from IBS or know of someone who does give us a call so we can arrange to help you too.

Low FODMAP programme - 121 Dietitian

Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.

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