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#LearnuaryNI Challenge: Try Something New This January


This January, eating healthier just got a whole lot easier! Join the #LearnuaryNI Challenge and discover a new top tip to help you eat better and feel great every day this month.

January is typically a month associated with New Year Resolutions, with the general consensus being: “I’m going to eat better”. A fantastic idea, but one which can be hard to maintain or even know where to start. So this #LearnuaryNI, to make your mission of eating healthier a little easier, we’ve shared our daily tips to get January off to the perfect start. Trying out each of these will increase your knowledge of healthy eating, helping you see the benefits of what you are doing.

Your #LearnuaryNI quest to learn one new thing each day throughout the month of January 2018 can take many forms. Learning is proven to boost your health and wellbeing and is one of five key steps recommended by mental health charities and no-one would doubt that taking care of your diet, fitness, medical issues and self-care are critical considerations for everyone.


So without further ado, here are our #LearnuaryNI challenges, one bitesize health and nutrition tip a day:

  1. Plan your shopping list for the week in advance and stick to it
  2. Don’t shop hungry
  3. Drink ½ your weight in water ie 150lb person = 2.2 litres
  4. Use online shopping to reduce temptation
  5. Make your plate of food colourful
  6. Enjoy 3 portions of fruit each day
  7. Eat 6-7 vegetables/salad each day#LearnuaryNI
  8. Chew and eat slowly
  9. Avoid low fat products
  10. Avoid low sugar products
  11. Don’t neglect exercise – Healthy eating = 80% and exercise = 20%
  12. Eat out as little as possible – Enjoy other social outings: crazy golf, ice skating, tenpin bowling…
  13. Cook from scratch
  14. Dance and workout to music while cooking
  15. Ensure you have working utensils like peelers, sharp knives, colander, scales…
  16. Make vegetables appealing with spices and herbs
  17. Keep trigger foods out of your cupboards
  18. Sleep is major – if insufficient your ghrelin hormone increases hunger
  19. Avoid filling up on bread
  20. Bored of boiling veg – roast it instead – add garlic/salt and enjoy
  21. Sit at the table at each meal and smell, look, be aware and enjoy what you are eating
  22. Don’t eat if not hungry – it may be dehydration or even boredom!
  23. Use vanilla extract, cinnamon, mint, lemon, lime for flavourings
  24. Dark chocolate x 2 squares a day is a tasty and nutritious treat
  25. Avoid eating the leftovers – freeze instead or save for lunch the next day
  26. Don’t pick at the kids’ foods
  27. Alcohol = liquid calories – keep to a safe minimum
  28. If eating out stick to sharing starters and desserts and enjoy a healthy main
  29. Have a large glass of water 15 minutes before eating
  30. Be careful if taking supplements – do you know how good the ingredients are?
  31. Use a weighing scales once per week, weighing yourself at the same time of the day, to watch your weight

Trying out these steps this January is the foundation of adopting a healthier lifestyle and promoting self care.

If your #LearnuaryNI challenge has whet your appetite to learn more, get in touch today to find out about our one-to-one consultations. Click here to get in touch.

Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.

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