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Low FODMAP, gluten free scrummy chocolate cake……

Well today my eldest daughter sat the 1st of her 3 transfer exams to senior school. She came out happy in the knowledge that we had a fun day ahead planned!  So all was good.

It started with concocting  some home-made; tuna, chilli, spring onion greens, pepper, caper, cheese on corn tortilla pizza’s for lunch followed by a  trip in the winter sunshine to the park for some monkeying around.

We returned with a hunger for chocolate cake so we experimented with this simple recipe and I thought it was so good I should share it with you, especially as it is made with a healthy fat choice; olive oil, and it is also low FODMAP and gluten free….

Blend thoroughly together the sugar, olive oil and 3 whisked eggs to create a creamy ‘mayo’

Mix the boiling water with the cocoa to a paste

Weigh the almonds, bircarb of soda, and salt in a bowl, add the cocoa paste and the dry ingredients to the ‘mayo’ mix and blend.

Pour into a cake tin.

Depending on the size of the tin cook for 30 – 45 minutes till the cake is soft and squidgy on the top. dust with icing sugar.


121 Dietitian - Chocolate cake - Gluten/Low FODMAP

Yummy cake!

Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.





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