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Low FODMAPs for IBSAn exclusive Medical evidence based Low FODMAPS Elimination Diet available in Northern Ireland for IBS Sufferers since 2011 practiced by Principal Dietitian Gillian Killiner post specialist training @ Kings College, London.

121 Dietitian believes it is essential to practice and deliver evidence based up to date medical breakthroughs and are thus delighted to be able to provide their clients with this specialist service.

A fantastic over 75% proven success rate with this new Low FODMAPS Diet worldwide (current UK national diet advice only 30% success).

At 121 Dietitian we boast a 95% success rate* we treat the whole person which is a unique service and the only one available in NI (2017).

Our IBS Programme:

IBS and Nutrient Health  

The majority of our clients come to us totally frustrated and at the end of a very long line of unsuccessful investigations. Others attend after avoiding many foods groups for years due to their on-going gut symptoms again with no success. Avoiding foods is common practice, however this can lead to depletion of essential macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals if you do not have a safe structured programme of re-introduction. Eliminating long term can leave you feeling lethargic and low and at risk of other medical conditions. In addition to this, medications that you may be taking to assist you ie for acid reflux – when taken long term, will rob you further of essential micro-nutrients – a vicious cycle is created.

afinarcinturaDue to these findings, we at 121 Dietitian have devised this specialist IBS programme Belfast to address these common, but serious concerns, along side the Low FODMAPS diet to ensure your symptoms are resolved and your health is at its best.

Price for this detailed nutritional Low FODMAPS IBS programme: £250

Any further medical concerns, conditions or sporting requests that impact significantly on the nutritional advice within this package may be charged extra depending on additional time incurred.

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GP’s, Gastroenterologists, and interested medical practitioners are welcome to discuss service provision for the LOW FODMAPS Elimination – email: info@121dietitian.com


Success rate based on 100 people advised in a 6 month period *