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Menopause: The Top Nutrients You Need To Know About

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Learn all about the top nutrients to help minimise the symptoms of menopause, assist with it and also maintain healthy bones. Key nutrient are important to consider if you are going through the menopause. Whichever menopausal symptoms you experience, the change in the balance of your hormones is the cause. A well-balanced diet is essential ..read more…

Top tips for gaining weight

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Here, Gillian Killiner, Director And Principal Dietitian At 121 Dietitian discusses common reasons why people lose weight and shares her top tips for gaining weight. I am 22 years in the health business and the most popular misconception I face is that all I do is advise people on weight loss! This couldn’t be further from ..read more…

“My health has drastically improved thanks to 121 Dietitian”

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Suffering from a major depressive disorder and gastrointestinal issues, which included a range of symptoms, patient Pat was housebound. Here, Pat shares how thanks to 121 Dietitian’s expert guidance, her health has drastically improved. “My road to recovery began on January 2019 after years of chronic health problems, some of which included major depressive disorder and ..read more…

Using your health insurance to cover your Dietitian’s appointment

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Here, Gillian Killiner, Director and Principal Dietitian at 121 Dietitian shares her advice on using your private health insurance to cover the cost of the services of a dietitian. Most UK residents are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS, however more and more of us are adding the additional cost of private healthcare insurance to ..read more…

The truth about nutritional supplements revealed

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One of the most commonly asked questions we hear at 121 Dietitian is “What supplements should I be taking?” With this in mind, Director and Principal Dietitian Gillian Killiner discusses the topic of supplements and who should be taking what. It might surprise you to learn that the term ‘dietary supplement’ actually applies to a ..read more…