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Workplace Nutrition – progress in 2013?

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  1. Do you buy your food at work?
  2. Do you struggle to eat healthy choices at work?
  3. Do you find there is a lack of healthy options provided?
  4. Do you find healthier choices to be more expensive?
  5. Do you fail to drink enough fluids?
  6. Do you eat at your desk?

If you answer yes to more than 3 of these questions then you need to read on……….

With over 29 million people working in the U.K and spending up to 60% of their waking hours in work it seems obvious that the eating decisions and habits we form at work could have a significant impact on our health.

In 2006, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend that workplaces have policies which encourage healthy eating and promote healthy choices. If you have answered mainly yes to the questions above you are not alone, despite the guidelines many people still feel it is difficult to make healthy choices in the workplace. The verdict by the Royal College of Physicians in 2011 that little action has been taken to promote healthy eating would come as no surprise then.

Well 2 years on, has there been any improvement?

A study on motivations and barriers to healthy eating in public sector workplaces was recently published in the Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics. It identified some important views from public sector workers. The article ‘A qualitative study to investigate the drivers and barriers to healthy eating in two public sector workplaces’ A Pridgeon & K Whitehead (2013) JHum Nutr Diet, 26, 85-95 can be accessed online using this link http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-277X.2012.01281.x/full .

Certainly here at 121 Dietitian we are of the opinion that employers should be doing more to promote healthy choices if they aren’t already, and as a specialist nutritional team we are passionate about providing staff nutritional assessments and menu improvement, workshops etc. Our programmes reduce absenteeism, improve moral and improve company finances.

We also encourage staff to take responsibility, driving new ideas forward and to remain healthy outside the workplace.

If you struggle to make healthy choices at work, find there is a lack of healthy options available at your work or feel that healthy options are too expensive, then preparation is the key.

Boring you may yell, No, is our reply as with 121 Dietitian = Clever, quick and tasty.

Just to whet your appetite!! Here are just a few popular tips to get you started….

If you eat at your desk

121 Dietitian’s are experts in diet and health and are leading the way in making positive changes in companies across Northern Ireland and saving their hard earned cash along the way.

Why not find out how we can help you by getting in touch. We have a range of programmes to suit all requirements and budgets. Usage of KPI’s allowing success to be charted.

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Information checked & correct on 16th May 2018.

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