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Workplace ready dietitian

Here, Gillian Killiner, Director and Principal Dietitian at 121, discusses what a BDA Workplace Ready Dietitian can do for your business.

Focusing on the wellbeing of all your employees and workers, the BDA Work Ready programme is a Dietitian-led service that has been developed based on the latest evidence and health and wellbeing approaches in business.

It has four key themes:

How it works

The work ready programme offers bespoke nutritional and wellness services tailored to employers’ needs. A ‘pick and mix’ approach affords businesses the opportunity to choose the level of support that they need as required with assurances that they are receiving a quality service, soundly based in scientific research and principles, provided by dietitians, specifically trained in workplace nutrition.

Workplace tools

As a trained Work Ready Dietitian, I will spend a day at your chosen worksite and develop a personalised report for your organisation.

This will include:

The report will include a roadmap of recommendations for your organisation to implement over an agreed timescale, which can be delivered by myself within your organisation.

This can include:

Thankfully workplace health is starting to receive the attention it deserves.

To assist companies further, January 2019 saw the launch of a new collaborative health and well-being service. Gillian, alongside Physiologist Dr Johnathan Bloomfield and Specialist Physiotherapist Steven Redpath have joined forces to offer their expertise to the workplace with bespoke packages and programmes. This can travel to the workplace, online or in their Fit for Life Clinic.

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